At Swoon Creative Collective we specialize in timeless, stylised photography and highlight films that are catered for your day – to make you feel as intense as you did during your wedding while reliving the memories. From the tears to the smiles, we capture the moments that really matter and edit the day into a beautiful visual experience that shares really well online, to your friends and family, and will withstand the test of time with a modern, yet classic, style.Swoon Creative Collective also offers photography and videography packages so you can receive a seamless experience during your wedding day, and again while receiving your most precious of memories. Hiring a group that works together fluidly means you can relax and enjoy the experience, knowing you’re in the hands of a team that truly understands what is important on your wedding day. Please inquire within for package pricing, we offer an incentive for booking both photography and videography…because we really love working together!We take on a limited number of weddings per calendar year so that our focus can truly be spent on ensuring our couples receive the best quality photo and video experience, both prior to and after the wedding party dust has settled. By limiting our bookings, we have more time to dive into what makes your love undeniably special and connect with you on a deeper level, helping us to convey your love for each other. We also strive to deliver your wedding photos and/or video in a timely manner and it couldn’t be possible without sacrificing quality; that’s a compromise we will never make.Your Love Story…Visualized.

jen jacob

photographer / stylist

Growing up, I’ve always had a thing for art; I was constantly painting, drawing, and creating. I didn’t realize when I went to school for Cosmetology over 10 years ago I was continuing my pursuit of art. Then, again, when I picked up a camera.I’m obsessed with captivating imagery. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just perfectly capturing the moment. I think that’s what makes it so fun. That, and connecting with others.When I’m not photographing couples or assisting Cody with video projects, you can catch me obsessing over film photography. It’s kinda crazy. I’m about to dedicate a whole shelf in our fridge to store my film stocks…

Besides obsessing over film I am a crazy animal lover. We have 2 dogs, a Corgi named Mochi and a rescue named Shortie, a bunny named Boomer, and a cat named Lily. If it weren’t for Cody talking me down we would have more. Eventually we have goals of a small RV so we can take our babies along on our journeys.

cody j. jacob

videographer / designer

I’m a giant dork when it comes to video and I even occasionally review cameras and equipment on youtube for fun. Ask me anything about cameras and I won't ever shut up....so maybe it's best you don’t!

My journey into wedding videography started back in 2017 when I decided my hobby was a passion and I haven’t looked back since.I’m always down to travel to new places. I love to explore beautiful trails and National Parks as much as I love to experience the bustling city vibes. When we aren’t on the go, a typical day in the life would include some editing, researching new camera equipment (ya, I know) and ending with cuddling with our fur babies and snuggling up with Jen to watch horror movies (Jen hates horror movies but humors me on occasion).

When I’m not working with cameras, you can catch me glued to my computer working on graphic design projects and creating composite art just for the fun of it.

our travels / las vegas